Aerosoft Sandals

Aerosoft is known for providing footwear that is not only comfortable but chic and stylish. Our top quality shoes ensure your best for podiatric health and great walking experience. We give you something to rely on when it comes to your comfort and health.

Aerosoft shoes are created specifically for medical reasons and are crafted with great care. Elaborate insoles of Aerosoft sandals are one of the most noticeable features that stand our footwear out from the rest.

Aerosoft offers a large variety of shoes to choose from and a plethora of new designs. Aerosoft now offers brand new shoes such as casual footwear, loafers, and pumps and so on. All the designs are available in various colors that complement different personalities.

Aerosoft footwear is just another name for comfort. They are the pioneers in the world of comfort fashion for all the right reasons.

Aerosoft Sandals with arch support

If you are an active person who has a job that requires running around, you’d know how important good footwear is. You’d also know that heels just cannot do the job. Whether it is heels or hard shoes, they fail to deliver the main purpose of footwear which is; comfort. For this reason, we create some of the best arch support sandals that you could possibly find.

Aerosoft women's sandals with arch support provide eternal comfort with their structure insole and comfortably cushioned footbed. The insole of our walking sandals with arch support is created specifically to fit the complex structure of the foot so that you can run around freely. Sandals with arch support are guaranteed to prevent further foot problems and will help you spend all your day without any complaints or pain. Aerosoft does not overlook the fashion factor while paying special attention to comfort. Aerosoft sandals are fashionable and stylish as well. Aerosoft leather sandals with arch support are one of the most versatile formal wear whereas, the dressy sandals with arch support are easily the best party wear that you could find. Buy women’s sandals with arch support now and be comfortable with style!

Dojo Women's Thong Sandals

Footwear with contoured arch profile maps the geometry of your foot, helping to reduce and control excessive eversion. Dojo (A0862) is fashionable and comfortable footwear. Environmentally-friendly, its wide deep heel cup improves control and stability. The lively surface of thong flip flop sandals’ footbed adds to the chic exterior Dojo. These stylish women’s thong sandals exceedingly support high arches. The paisley printed stage has raised toe-bar which put pressure to ease your pain. Women’s thong sandal lined with soft cushioned fabric with premium stitching grips your feet firmly. Medium U – shaped hind foot helps in posture orientation and caters absolute hold of the ground. Pairs perfectly with casual or semi-casual closet. Opt for vivid colors to add a tang of fun in your summer days!


Dojo Arch Support Sandals

A high arch is a rare type found in only 20% percent of people. This arch is rigid, well defined and relies most of the pressure on rearfoot and forefoot which sometimes result in Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, Etcetera. Opt for Thong sandals with arch support and a midsole that sits higher from the ground.


Style Thong Sandals

The breezy and light structure of comfortable thong sandals is perfect for the summer heat. Engross yourself in the idyllic universe of comfort by donning women's thong sandals. The flexible yet resilient upper of these sandals accentuate the natural curves of your feet making them look attractive and putting you at ease all day long.


Water Resistance

The moment waterproof sandals women’s come into contact with water or moisture, they dry very fast in the sun. Just be sure to get the best waterproof sandal that won't quickly fall apart due to being taken in/out of the water.



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