Bumpers-natural rubber

Natural Rubber Sole

Super Soft, Super Comfortable, and Super Stylish Flip Flops, Unisex Bumpers are colorful flip flop sandal with small, soft MASSAGING bumps on the insole offering an energizing acupressure effect to feet and legs while walking–plus, they help ventilate the feet

Bumpers’ benefits may include: better circulation; pain relief from SORE FEET and legs due to various conditions, reduced swelling in legs and ankles, increased energy, fast recovery after exercise

Large range of SIZES – Women's Men's and Kids  see site category detail pages for Women’s, Men’s and Kids Bumpers

Bumpers are ECO-FRIENDLY– made from strong and flexible natural rubber and recycled rubber and EVA scraps*, vegan– not made with any animal products, and non-toxic– not made with polyurethane resin. Bumpers thong straps are super strong and flexible, made from natural rubber

flexible, lightweight, durable and corrosion, no smell, no feet rub, environmental protection, Great for Community Showers and Pools or beach. Bumpers are the perfect GIFT for friends and family members who have discomfort in their feet and legs, or just for those who LIVE in their flip flops.



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